Infrastructure and Urban Development

Our project

  • Jakarta Intra Urban Toll-way Interchange Stage I and Tebet Flyover, OECF Loan IP-286
  • Jakarta Intra Urban Tollway Part V, Central North South Link Cawang Interchange, OECF Loan IP-286
  • Ulu Tiram New Township Development, North Johor, Malaysia
  • Conceptual Master plan of Penang Reclamation and Outer Ring Road Development Area, Northern Coast of Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
  • Second Sulawesi Urban Development Project for Province Project Implementation Support, Central Sulawesi, IBRD Loan 4105-IND
  • Botabek Urban Development Project, West Java, ADB Loan 1077-INO
  • Feasibility Study of Pasar Baru – Alahan Panjang, West Sumatra, GOI-funded project
  • Construction Supervision of Road Betterment Project section Kiliranjao – Tanah Badantung , Sawahlunto Sijunjung, West Sumatra, GOI-funded project
  • Review on the Study of Planning, Amdal, and Final Engineering Design of Waru-Wonokromo-Tanjung Perak Tollway, Surabaya, East Java, funded by private