PT. Trans Intra Asia (TIA) provides you a custom made and comprehensive solution dedicated for your goals under our full and professional services furnished with more than 4 decades of experience. As a multidisciplinary firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia, our goal is to provide a novel approach that is tailored to the scope of work and desired outcomes combined with our successful and great experience. Our long journey of succes and good reputation is our passion to face challenges, explore future opportunities and learn fast to new innovation dynamics.

Our skilled personnel are talented in handling the dynamics of work and projects involving multi-stakeholders from various levels both in government and non-government levels with a professional attitude, strategic and participatory approach focused on results in a timely and efficient framework. TIA has extensive multidiciplinary expertise in the area of urban development and planning, education, training and management, agriculture, marine and fisheries, environment and forestry.

Leading is our style, trustworthy is the soul, clear and solid taking the complementary responsibilities in handling any collaborative work with our strong network of various institutions, academics, associations, professionals, and communities at national and international level provide a strong position in business as a reliable consulting company. The proven record of our achievements in many International Organizations and National Government Agencies/Institutions is a success footprint of various policies and reforms, planning and supervision standards, valid surveys, capacity building and human resource development.

In this new challenging world with pandemics, climate change, and conflicts, we are very positive to quickly adapt, mitigate and explore appropriate ways, welcome to new technology and opportunities with the focus on solutions to achieve sustainable resources in the future. Our account manager will assertively approach and offer you best practise solution tailored specific for the client, ensure to check on our contact numberr or droped introductory profile and contact to explore future cooperation.

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TIA works for various international and bilateral organizations, government agencies, and private sector entities across sectors, providing services covering a broad spectrum – from project identification to detailed planning and design, project management, and monitoring and evaluation

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